Does Vibrating Mascara Make a Difference?

Megan Segura

mascarabig glam 1024x897 Does Vibrating Mascara Make a Difference?

Vibrating mascara is just the latest in wacky beauty products aimed to grab your attention (magnetic nail polish anyone?), but does it actually work? I put the Glam Vibrating Mascara ($20, to the test to see if it boosts lashes any better than regular mascara.

What It’s Supposed to Do: The purpose of a vibrating wand is to help separate the lashes and get in between them so each lash is perfectly coated and defined.

What It Did: The vibration was so light, I barely felt a difference when applying the mascara. It worked just as well as a regular mascara in terms of defining my lashes, but no better. Since Glam’s was the only vibrating mascara I’ve tried, I can’t fully write off vibrating mascaras, but I will be wary against believing the claims of another.

Have you tried vibrating mascara? 

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