The Biggest Changes You’ll See in the “Veronica Mars” Movie

Rachel Adler

Veronica Mars Movie Poster

For all of you avid “Marshmallows” out there (if you knew what that meant, we’re truly proud of you “Veronica Mars” fans), the date March 14 has long been circled on your calendars. Private investigator Veronica Mars is back in action and officially taking things to the big screen with thanks to a huge Kickstarter campaign funded by fans, and the pretty much kick-ass, take-no-prisoners blonde has an obsessive fan-following (us included, in case you hadn’t realized that by now).

To catch you up to speed just in case you didn’t watch the show on the small screen, Mars was a high schooler (and then for a short time a new college student) who was a P.I. constantly solving crimes while keeping us entertained with her witty banter and balancing act of school, men and for some reason a constant parade of bad guys. Allure caught up with Kristen Bell, who plays Mars to talk about how the show has evolved past the small screen and what tweaks were made as they moved into film.

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Bell noted that for the movie, they start off with Mars living in New York, having quit her P.I. life, but that soon gets disrupted and she gets pulled back in to Neptune (her old stomping grounds). While she says that the ante has gone up for cases she’s fighting in the new film, she is also happy that she’s left bad beauty looks in the past. “When I started the show I had this grown-out mullet. I was also very into foundation – regrettably so. I don’t think the camera picked it up because the technology we were using wasn’t that good yet. But I do believe that for the entire run of the series I was wearing way too much foundation for a high-schooler. Way too much for a grandmother. Just really way too much in general.”

Now that Bell has become a mother, married actor Dax Shepard and settled into her own life, she has become much more comfortable with her beauty looks, and her career. For the new film, she told Allure that she made a specific decision to cut her hair into a mid-length bob. “I wanted Veronica to look like she had gotten a bob but let it grow out to echo her attempt to be someone else, and her wavering commitment to that new, simplified person. Can you believe that I put that much thought into it? I’m nauseated even listening to myself talk about it! At the beginning of the film Veronica has pin-straight New York hair, but when she returns to Neptune, she’s back to looking more like Veronica from the show, with the old bag, a leather jacket, and tousled hair.”

We can’t wait to see Mars back in action solving crimes of course, but we’ll also be watching for these slight beauty changes as the film moves along. Who else will be going to see “Veronica Mars” this weekend?

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