Recreate the Rugged Knot Seen at Vera Wang’s NYFW Show

Victoria Moorhouse


The search for a doable punky updo is over. Backstage at Vera Wang hairstylist Paul Hanlon for Bumble and bumble, led his beauty team in creating a cool girl, rugged knot to complement the Fall/Winter 2015 collection—a textured hairstyle that fits the vibe of her collection to a T.

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“We’re kind of making the hair feel like they just did the shows yesterday and then we’re doing the hair. We’re trying to age the hair to make it feel like the end of the day rather than the beginning,” he explained of the look.

Instead of twisting the models’ hair into a slicked back or whimsical bun (which is the exact opposite of what the stylists were going for), Hanlon worked for a style that had a “masculine element” and looked like the wind caught it.

To achieve this, he prepped the hair with the Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray and rough dried it with the hands so the hair could take texture. This was done so that when they pulled it back, it wasn’t too smooth and looked a bit uneven.

Next, he took a curling iron and only curled the very top section of the hair—from the roots to about six inches down the hair. Using the Bumble and bumble Sumo Tech, Hanlon worked it in the roots all the way through the hair to make it appear a bit greasy but also to achieve a slight hold.

After shaking the hair slightly, he created a slight, but not too perfect part and pulled the hair back into a looser ponytail in the middle of the head. To create a softness and a fringe-like element to the hairstyle, he styled the tiny, baby or broken hair around the hair line. “When you pull it back, it doesn’t drop because it’s clean. It has a bit of stiffness to it too. It’s a mix of a clay and a wax,” he explained.

Splitting the ponytail into two sections, he rolled one side up and tied it into the elastic, pinning it back so it was secure. He took the leftover section and did the same thing. “I don’t want it to look like a twisted bun that’s been pinned back. I want it to look like they just slept in the hair last night,” he explained. The hair was then set with a hairspray and brushed slightly so it didn’t take on a crispy or stuff appearance.

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