Not Even Your Vagina Is Good Enough These Days

Amanda Elser

There are a few things about the Clean and Dry Intimate Wash commercial that has made its rounds around the internet that concerns me. One, I didn’t even know that having a brown vagina was a concern for women with dark skin. Two, as if a guy CARED what color your vagina was, unless it was some strange shade of purple or green, I’m pretty sure nothing would deter them. And third, why is anything that claims to lighten the skin around the most sensitive part of your body even remotely OK to sell?

I hope you all ponder these questions as you view the blatantly absurd and downright offensive video above. But here are the cliff notes, an Indian couple is sitting down to, what would have been a peaceful cup of morning jo, if it weren’t for the woman’s brown vagina getting in the gosh-darn way. But not to worry, overly sensitive lady, Clean and Dry is to the rescue with their lightening intimate wash! Suddenly, the couple is once again in love and all their worries have washed down the drain with the color of her vagina’s skin.

Yes, yes, this is all seriously alarming. But apparently the male exec at the ad agency has a good defense for their campaign.

“It is hard to deny that fairness creams often get social commentators and activists all worked up. What they should do is take a deep breath and think again. Lipstick is used to make your lips redder, fairness cream is used to make you fairer-so what’s the problem? I don’t think any Youngistani today thinks the British Raj/White man is superior to us Brown folk. That’s all 1947 thinking!

The only reason I can offer for why people like fairness, is this: if you have two beautiful girls, one of them fair and the other dark, you see the fair girl’s features more clearly. This is because her complexion reflects more light. I found this amazing difference when I directed Kabir Bedi, who is very fair and had to wear dark makeup for Othello, the Black hero of the play. I found I had to have a special spotlight following Kabir around the stage because otherwise the audience could not see his expressions.”

This whole thing is so bonkers that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it, but I want to know what you think. Tell me your thoughts on the commercial in the comment section below!


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