How To Update Classic Hair & Makeup Looks

Lauren LeVine
How To Update Classic Hair & Makeup Looks
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Blah blush is so our mom's generation. Nowadays, getting a sexy flush like Katharine McPhee's involves more than dotting some pink powder on the apples of your cheeks. MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Keri Blair offers this update on the classic rosy cheek: "Use a domed brush to blend creamy textured blush into the crease of the eye. Then, blend it down onto the cheek bone--almost like the color is spilling from the eye to the cheek. Create interesting dimension on the cheek bone with a pop of color!"

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Photo: © Harry Pluviose/Retna Ltd.

Red lipstick has come a long way since Cleopatra had carmine beetles and ants crushed up to create her custom deep red lip pigment. Women like Selena Gomez (hey, it got Justin Bieber) have clearly been rouging their lips for centuries, though, so it's time to switch it up a bit. "Try using two shades of red together," Keri Blair suggests. "Try a deeper red for your whole lip, then add a little POW to your pucker by using a lighter red with a tinge of pink just in the center of the lip. The play on color makes the everyday a bit abstract!"

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We know, you just perfected your go-to fancy hairstyle, and now we're asking you to tweak it. Have no fear, this update on the classic romantic updo is easy. To create a side chignon like Rashida Jones', follow these simple steps from James Williams, Head Stylist at the Canal Salon in Beverly Hills: "First put your hair in a low side pony. Start twisting your hair collapsing it towards your head. Have another band ready to wrap around the twisted portion. After it is secured fan out to create the perfect evening look."

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Using the standard three color gradation to create a smoky eye can get old. Put your own spin on the standard smoky eye by using your preferred metallic shade and texture. Or, follow Keri Blair's instructions: "Use your finger to apply MAC Cosmetics Metal X Eye Shadow in Vintage Coin (a burnished olive green) to the lid of your eye and then blend it into the crease with a soft brush. Add MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl in Smolder (an intense black) to the water line and voila!

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You've probably never worn a French twist in your life, given that you're not Melanie Griffith's character in Working Girl, but with James Williams' modern update to the style, it's time to start. "Brush hair smooth. Flip your head forward and starting at the nape of the neck, begin to twist your hair loosely to the top of your head. Stand up and let your hair create a controlled messy "nest." Secure with bobby pins, then let it fan out. Pull some pieces down--this look should be effortless, so make sure it doesn't look perfect. Finish with hairspray for a sophisticated coif la Chanel Iman.

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When you're going heavy on the eye makeup or just going for a subtle pout, a great nude lip color is a makeup bag essential. Here, Michelle Trachtenberg offers a dramatic update to a classic nude lip; the actress pairs her pale lips with dramatic eye makeup. To copy her look, "Try mixing your concealer with bit of lip balm and apply with your finger by pressing it into the lip. It acts as a veil on the lip to tone down the natural lip color without covering it completely," says MAC's Keri Blair.

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Photo: © Harry Pluviose/Retna Ltd.

A winged eye is oh-so-sexy, but women have been rocking the black eyeliner cat eye for decades. If you truly want to amaze with your gaze, change up your cat eye materials. "Black eyeliner is definitely a must have, but let's try updating that classic cat eye shape by replacing black with a color," Keri Blair recommends. Here, Rachel McAdams does a daring winged eye with bold yellow eyeliner. It may not be the best color for the actress, but we admire her willingness to try new things. You can follow Keri Blair on Twitter @MAC_Keri_B for all things makeup and MAC!

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Photo: © Fred Duval/FilmMagic

You've probably been wearing your hair in ponytails since childhood, so it's definitely time for a ponytail makeover.Try a hairstyle James Williams calls "The Samurai," seen here on Kim Kardashian. "Brush hair smooth. Create a sleek, super high pony that sits at the back end of the top of your head. After the ponytail is secure, pull out some pieces along the fringe, creating a nice frame for your face. Hair spray if needed. Use a medium-sized curling iron to create a small scoop at the bottom of the ponytail.

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