UK Models Are Banned From Tanning Beds

Rachel Adler

UK agencies are taking a stand against tanning beds, with top agencies banning their models from using beds as London Fashion Week gets under way. Agencies have signed in support of the No Sunbed Policy, an initiative that comes in hand with Cancer Research UK’s R UV Ugly campaign warning Brits against the health risks of using tanning beds.

Directors from eleven of UK’s top modeling agencies such as Elite, Premier Model Management Storm and Next have all signed on the zero tolerance policy to protect their ladies, basing the ban on the fact that tanning bed use before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma by 75 percent.

Using a tanning bed just once a month (or minimally) can increase your risk of melanoma by 50 percent. Sarah Doukas, the Managing Director of Storm Model Management said, “Supporting this campaign makes perfect sense as the well-being of our models is of paramount importance and we take a serious approach to their health. We do not advocate the use of sunbeds for any of our models, and recommend that they choose safer options if they require a tan – spray tans are easy to apply and can last a week.” Doukas went on to say that, “It is well documented that UV from sunbeds can cause serious skin damage, especially in the under 35s.”

It’s not uncommon to see models on the runway with a bit of a tan, but like Doukas said above, there are many other ways to achieve that color. Do you think the US should follow in the footsteps of the UK and ban tanning beds? And, how well do you think this will be enforced?

[Daily Mail]

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