Tween Makeup Gurus Creating Own Products Put Us To Shame

Amanda Elser

I love being on the lookout for the next generation’s beauty gurus, but when I saw what some girls are doing with the contents of their high school cosmetic bag, I felt immediately insignificant.

The Wall Street Journal talked to a few teenage cosmeticians, some with over 17,000 subscribers to their YouTube channels, about their current careers as Internet makeup professionals — well color me impressed.

These teens, having felt the residual effects of the economic recession, opted out of investing in expensive products for their high-quality beauty tastes and took to concocting their own makeup recipes in the comfort of their own homes.

Using common household items like Vaseline and honey, 14- year-old Chloe Feldman created a lip jelly, while 13 year old Sari Jones dishes out informative product reviews on her channel. And take our word for it, these videos are not amateur hour. The information these young ladies are providing to their followers is not only correct, but its well-researched. These girls clearly take what they do seriously and the effects of their hard work shows. Jones is going to start selling her products online this month in addition to a partnership she has with DIYcosmetics.

If you factor out the economic advantages that come with making their own makeup, what these girls are doing is ingenious for another reason all together — they actually know what the ingredients are that they are putting on their faces.

Could this be a new trend? When I was their age I never would have even thought of mixing my own makeup, but according to the WSJ article, retailers have responded by creating products that you can modify and DIY makeup kits… anyone else sensing an awesome slumber party theme?

With more subscribers everyday, we think that these young ladies could seriously be on to something

“I have braces so I don’t have many subscribers, but it’s happening,” Chloe said. — Oh, you’re going places girl.

Check out Chloe’s DIY video below!

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