Try This New Tool For Quick Curls

Shannon Farrell

After the past few weeks of holiday shopping, traveling upstate for Christmas, and New Years’ Eve festivities, I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend to detox and catch up on the beauty products I have been hoarding in my apartment. If you have some free time too, I recommend testing out The TopStyler, a new curling tool from the creators of The InStyler. It creates amazing curls, but takes bit of  practice to get right.

the topstyler

The TopStyler is similar to curlers, but creates defined curls like a curling iron — tight, long lasting ringlets that end up taking less time to style. When I use a curling iron, I usually have loose waves the next day, but with the TopStyler, they’re tighter and less subtle on the second day. (For even more hold, apply hairspray before you finger curl each section.) And the application time is faster than a curling iron. Pin curl one-inch to two-inch sections of the hair and keep in place using the shells provided. After practicing a few times, I’ve been able to pin my entire head in about ten minutes — about half the time it takes me to use a curling iron.

But here’s why this should be your weekend project. This tool takes practice, and lots of it. Before trying the TopStyler, my pin curling skills were shoddy at best. It took a few tries for my pin curls to turn into perfect ringlets, not all-over-the-place zig zag strands. But once you get the skill down, the application time is worth it. InStyler Celeb Stylist Dean Banowetz recommends combing through the section of hair before you wrap it around your fingers and to always, “clip the c-shell with the pin curl, not against it.”  And when twisting the hair around your fingers don’t wrap it too tightly, “because it is difficult to slide them (your fingers) out.”

Another added bonus is that the heated shells are ceramic so they have a much lower temperature (about 225 degrees) than other tools. However, I’d still recommend you use a heat protectant spray, like Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray ($23,, which is a personal favorite because you can use it on dry hair.

What weekend beauty projects do you have lined up? 


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