Try A Girls’ Night In For A Healthier You

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: Adam Gault/Getty Images

As much as I love Girls’ Night Out, there is nothing like Girls’ Night In with a bottle of red wine and yet another screening of The Notebook. And according to two new studies, this kinda chick flick night is actually good for our mental and physical health. Who would have thought?

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A study done by Communication Research had volunteers watch a sad movie and report their feelings after. The results found that after watching a tragedy, viewers experienced joy because it got them thinking about their loved ones. Now this may just be me, but I always find that I feel thankful for my life because, well, those horrible things didn’t happen to me.

And as for the vino, a new study done by Purdue University researchers found that a compound called piceatannol in red wine blocks immature fat cells from developing and growing. This doesn’t mean that you can lose weight from excessive drinking, but this may be the tool America has needed all along to fight obesity because it directly affects inherited genes. Further research is being done to see if wine in the bloodstream will stop body fat gain! Now that would be amazing.

I think I know what I will be doing this weekend. Anyone care to join me?

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