Trina’s Glam Fall Makeover

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Trina Before and After

Making over your look can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming for some. Celebrity fashion stylist Trina wanted to liven up her look, but she wasn’t sure just how to do that. “I have the fashion down pat, but when it comes to hair and makeup, I’m oblivious,” she says.

A Face-Enhancing Haircut

Trina haircut

Trina was trying to grow her hair long after cutting it into a Ciara-esque crop. Bumble and bumble stylist Ruby Carrero gave Trina a soft bang that would both open up her face and add that extra pop she was looking for. “A bang that sits cleanly right across her forehead actually softens her face and opens it up, giving the hair that extra bit of style,” says Ruby. It also had the added bonus of making her hair look “done” without Trina having to do a lot to it.

Adding Volume To Her Blowout

Trina Hairstyle

“I’m from New York, but I think I’m Texan because I always want more volume and body in my hair,” jokes Trina. To help her out, Ruby created a simple styling routine that Trina could easily replicate at home. She applied Straight and used a blow dryer to create body. She then ran a flat iron through hair to make it super-shiny. To finish up, Ruby smoothed in Treatment Finishing Balm, creating shine, definition and movement to Trina’s freshly blown-out style.

Gettin’ Lippy
Trina admitted that makeup was the hardest for her to master. She usually only wore mascara because every time she tried something more it was a “disaster.” MAC senior makeup artist Luc Bouchard wanted to show Trina that she could be more daring and still get great results, so he worked with her to re-interpret one of fall’s hottest trends: the burgundy lip.

Trina makeup

He started off by using Nightmoth Lip Pencil to lightly fill in the lips and create a sheer base for the lipstick to adhere to. To make this dark lip more wearable, Luc used Full Body Lipstick, a sheer deep plum, on top of the liner. “When you use a lip color that’s more transparent, it looks more normal and wearable,” he says. To complement her high-drama lip, Luc kept cheeks natural with a slight flush of color and did a smoky eye using earthy brown tones.

Try on Trina’s glam new style in the Makeover Studio now!

Trina After

Contributed by Beauty Assistant Sarah Mansour

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