The Tricks You Need to Make Styling Fine Hair Easy

Aly Walansky
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While many of us would love to have long, luxurious, beautiful shampoo commercial hair, we may have hair that’s just…fine. “Most people that sit down in my chair will apologize for how thick their hair is, not realizing that it’s actually finer hair that’s trickier to work with,” says Liz Dufault, bridal hair artist for Blushing Brides. While it may need its own bag of tricks, fine hair can be easily manageable as long as you keep a few things in mind:

Ease up on the backcombing
Teasing the hair is a wonderful trick but you need to have the hair to cover the tease. Never backcomb around the hairline or else it will be easily noticeable and look a mess, says Dufault.

Choose your style carefully
When picking out your hairstyle, don’t choose something that you need Victoria’s Secret model hair to pull off. Understand that as pretty as it looks, it won’t look like that on thinner hair. Know your limits. Choose simple styles that don’t require too much detail, Default advises.

Go easy on the product
Many products out there are just too heavy for fine hair. If you use too much, it can weigh the hair down or make it look greasy very easily.

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But definitely use product
A lightweight foam mousse or product specially designed to give the appearance of thicker hair can do wonders for thin hair. Just make sure to use very sparingly and when applying, start underneath and work to the top. You never want to put the bulk of the product on the top or front of your hair, Dufault says.

Be smart about your style
Bleaching out your entire head can not only easily damage fine hair, it can also make your hair look a lot thinner if you aren’t careful. A few well-placed lowlights can add a ton of dimension and make your hair look deceptively thicker. When it comes to cut, some light layering can do wonders to keep the hair from being dragged down. Just be careful, when you’re working with a smaller amount of hair, you definitely don’t want to take too much off or else it can look stringy at the bottom, Dufault says.

Don’t fry fragile hair
Need to straighten your hair? Use your blow dryer and ditch the flat iron. Thin hair is often fragile, so you’ll need a good heat protecting spray, too. When you do need to use a hot tool, make sure it’s on one of the lower settings, says Marlene Montanez of

Don’t over-wash
Thin hair can be fragile, so you don’t want to over-wash it. A great pick-me-up for those in between wash days is dry shampoo. Try one with volumizing prowess, like Osis Dust It, which works wonders for lifting roots, Montanez says.

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When washing, never wet your hair without combing it out, first. You want to avoid tangles that will cause breakage to your hair, says Angelo David Pisacreta of Angelo David Salon.

Sleep with care
Never go to to bed leaving an elastic or any sort of clip in your hair, says Pisacreta. Use a soft headband, create a loose braid if needed to keep your hair out of your face. Another suggestion is to invest in a silk pillow case.

Don’t weigh it down
“Although I like to say ‘never say never’, there genuinely are a number of things you should never do if you have fine hair,” says Los Angeles-based celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone.  This includes, he says, to never use heavy conditioners, especially at the roots.  Sometimes, use just shampoo.

With thin hair, heavy hair products are a definite don’t. All they do is weigh your hair down, making it lifeless and impossible to style. Try swapping out your current conditioner for a lighter one, using it only on your ends or, ditch it altogether! You can always spritz on a leave-in detangling solution post-shower.

When getting a new cut
Avoid heavy layers, especially on ends of hair. A little layering in the crown area is okay depending on the person and length of hair, but too much will make gaps in the cut and will give the illusion of even thinner hair! “My favorite cut is a blunt cut a little above shoulder length.  This look will hold curl, looks great straight, and is long enough to pull back as well,” says Dana McGill, a stylist at Haven Salon in Minneapolis.

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