Nail Art Trends To Try This Spring & Others To Leave Behind

Amanda Elser
Nail Art Trends To Try This Spring & Others To Leave Behind
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The weather is starting to get warmer in NYC and that means spring trends are on the mind. We can all agree thatnail art manis have had a standout performance this year, but I think it’s time to retire some of these nail fads and replace them with chicer, updated versions of themselves.

Click through the slideshow above to see what manicures we think you should leave behind and which looks you should try instead.

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Leave Behind: Animal Print Nails 

All the prints we've been seeing lately have been a bit too Jersey Shore and a lot less chic couture.

Instead Try: Houndstooth Prints 

Sally Hansen even makes a hounds tooth nail strip for your convenience.

Leave Behind: Nail Art Decal 

If one sequin falls off, your whole manicure is ruined. 

Instead Try: Pretty Patterns

A stained-glass manicure like this could even get a few chips without being too noticeable. 

Leave Behind: A Rimmed Manicure

We think manicures like this make the nails look more dirty and less polished.

Try Instead: An Updated French Tip 

Paint your tips black like that manicure backstage at Thakoon captured by this past fashion week.

Leave Behind: The Glitter Accent Nail

I know we may get a lot of disgruntled readers over this one, but there are just so many other options out there for an impressive DIY manicure.

Try Instead: The Ombre Manicure

Give your nails a cohesive look while still making each nail standout on their own.

Leave Behind: A Crackled Top Coat

A fad that has long since passed.

Try Instead: A Matte Top Coat

Keep your nails' integrity intact while completely revamping your look with a simple matte finish.

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