Anna Paquin’s Beauty Look Through The Years!

Anna Paquin’s Beauty Look Through The Years!
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Sookie Stackhouse has not always been a vampire-loving waitress. In her “former” life, Sookie (known as Anna Paquin, for those not familiar with the grown-up version of Twilight, HBO’s True Blood) has been acting since she was just a child, playing multiple roles.

Paquin is one of those child actresses who has somehow beat the odds and has a career that is still going strong one generally expects that after winning an Oscar at the age of 11 and going on to complete numerous movies (including romantic comedies, indie films, and the X-Men blockbusters), she may head down the path of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Instead she’s starring on a hit HBO show, engaged to her co-star and has never looked better. Check out the slideshow above and let us know what your favorite look is!

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