The One Instagram Account Every Beauty Lover Needs to Follow

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Photo: Instagram/@trendmood1

For beauty lovers, there’s nothing better than finding out all the latest and greatest in the industry. Whether it’s new products, new collaborations or just makeup hauls in general, those of us beauty obsessives love nothing more than some beauty news to make our day.

But, finding out about all the latest products to launch and collaborations to happen can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, that is until Instagram finds out about it.

It seems that once any beauty news hits Instagram it instantly is on the news feeds of beauty lovers everywhere and becomes the big news for the day. But who are the people posting this hot news first?

Meet @Trendmood1. This Instagram account is one of the best sources to find out all of the hot beauty news before it hits mainstream. Whether it’s new shades, totally new products and collaborations, or all of the hottest sales on some of our favorite sites, Trendmood covers it–and they’re usually one of the first to do so.

We got a chance to catch up with Sophie, who is the beauty behind the account. Her story is truly inspiring and you’ll even hear some of her tips on how she gets all her insider beauty news.

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StyleCaster: Tell us a little about you and your background.
Trendmood: As a little kid I always had a passion for makeup and fashion design. I took classes and became a makeup artist in Israel. At the age of 21 I moved to South America to study fashion design and continued my love for makeup which in turn translated into me becoming a makeup artist who worked with Miss Peru, high fashion magazines & other productions. About 4 years ago I met my husband and moved to LA.

SC: When and why did you start the account?
TM: I started TrendMood back in November of 2013, since I was pregnant and had some extra time on my hands. It was my fun place to go to and share with the world my passion. In May of 2014, my account got hacked right when I reached 10k followers. It was hard because Trendmood is my baby, I lost content I had created, along with the friends that I met along the way. My husband actually created a new account for me, @Trendmood1 and kept pushing me to get it back going, and here we are, 158k followers strong!

SC: How did you get the account to grow so fast? Did you expect the success of the account?
TM: Again, the page was created just for fun, something to fill up my passion so it was totally unexpected! The main thing that got the account to grow so fast was the community feel and personal touch that is added to each post. I know people always say this, but without our followers support and knowledge, we would not be where we are.

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SC: How do you decide what to post and what not to include on the account?
TM: Our account is always about advocating positivity. We try to keep our posts on trend with what our followers are feeling, hence the name TrendMood. It’s a mix of my style & my vision along with what the community requests.

SC: Where do you find all your sources? Is there something specific you look for in order to find all your leads?
TM: A lot of info is from scouring the internet, but a majority is from our fabulous community updating us with great info. We also get some good info directly from brands, which helps immensely…We can’t tell all of our secrets 😉

SC: Has running this account changed your personal life at all?
TM: I mean, its allowed me to continue my long passion for makeup in a different way. But I am still the same girl who is enjoying this great community that I am a part of. I am much more attached to my phone than I have ever been 🙂 I have also met some great people during this journey who have left a lasting impression on me as a person.

SC: Tell us about some of your most successful posts.
TM: The most successful posts tend to be sneak peeks of products & swatches that are set to come out. Pictures of my “messy” vanity also do well. I guess it’s cause it shows that I’m truly a makeup junkie!

SC: Do you see this account moving from an Instagram account to something bigger for the future? What are your hopes for the Instagram account?
TM: We have recently begun to post more on Snapchat (username: trendmood), Facebook, and Twitter, and we are excited to start YouTube and enhancing our blog. So yes, everyday there is something new that pushes Trendmood to the next level. After all Trendmood is in a unique place in social media, and plays a different role in the makeup world. Wouldn’t you like to be updated all the time about the hottest makeup & beauty news? We are looking forward to growing our Instagram and meeting more amazing people along the way!

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