Get Ahead Of the Trend: Edgy Glamour With a Matte Finish

matte Get Ahead Of the Trend: Edgy Glamour With a Matte Finish

Listen up, makeup junkies. Matte beauty is about to have its moment, and we’re going to tell you how to stay ahead of the trend. After catching up with world-renowned manicurist Deborah Lippmann backstage at New York fashion week, it’s clear that matte nails, lips and eyes are about to blow up in a big way. “Lately, I’m seeing a lot of different textures. Women are constantly trying to find something different from what they’ve already done in the way of nail polish. When matte polish first came out it didn’t really take off, but now that matte makeup is having a real moment overall, I think matte polish will finally have its day,” Deborah tells us.

Matte beauty is the easiest way to pull off the edgy glam look and we’re currently loving the finish in deep, dark shades. Below are some of our favorite ways to get the matte trend.

Image via ImaxTree 

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