Trend Alert: Hot Pink Tips Are Back!

Caroline Murray
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Photo: Kenneth Willardt (left) Getty Images (right)

Could Avril Lavigne have been right all along? Natural ombré is moving out, and bold dip-dyed hair is coming in at rapid speed. With celebs like Lauren Conrad and model Charlotte Free embracing bold, pink tips, we think we spot a trend coming on.

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Just yesterday, Lauren showed off her new color-change: hot pink tips at the base of her ponytail. While we loved the peach she sported a few years back, this look is much bolder. Shortly thereafter, Maybelline announced that Charlotte would be the new face of the brand, bringing her signature pink hair back into the spotlight. In a nutshell, Katy Perry isn’t the only one daring enough to wear My Little Pony-inspired hair.

Needless to say, we credit Pink and Avril Lavigne with creating this look several years ago; but they’re known for their edgy style. Something about having America’s reality sweetheart go all rock-and-roll on us has us thinking this trend could stick.

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We can’t decide if this is kitsch or cute. Would you dip-dye your hair hot pink?

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