Beauty Trend Alert – Getting To The Root Of Things


French actress Clemence Poesy. Photo:

There are those women who make a mad dash for the salon the moment a millimeter of darker-colored roots make an appearance. And then there are those we kinda adore who take a more, shall we say, laissez faire approach to the art of hair color. Disparately-colored roots are greeted with a casual shrug and allowed to grow to inch-long proportions before being addressed. Or, in many cases, hair is purposefully dyed so that roots are highly visible all the time.

The rooty look has been getting more and more popular every day, says Victoria Hunter, resident colorist extraordinaire (and co-owner) of NYC’s Whittemore House Salon. Ever since we opened Whittemore just over a year ago, every second person that gets color asks specifically for this look.

Understandable, considering it has some very style-savvy acolytes the sisters Olsen, Kate Bosworth, and the oh-so-lovely Clemence Poesy (pictured above). Foil highlights that go up to the scalp look old and pass, says Hunter. This is simply the modern way to highlight hair. We couldnt agree more.

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Let your roots grow out like Mary-Kate Olsen. Photo: Dara Kushner/

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