Summer Travel Made Easy

Megan McIntyre
travel_summer_beauty_kit_3floz.jpg (Wide)

We love summer vacation time, but we hate how hard it is to schlep all our beauty gear on the road. We always pack way too much and wind up either annoying TSA agents with our overflowing plastic bags, or having to check our suitcase and pay a hefty fee.

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We’ve tried our fair share of travel kits, but always find them to be lacking in one necessity or the other. We don’t want separate kits for hair, makeup and skin–we need one kit that has it all.

Since we couldn’t seem to find anything that fit the bill, we teamed up with, a cool site that sells pretty much every beauty item you can imagine in a travel-friendly size, to create our very own travel kit, The Summer Getaway Kit. Inside you’ll find everything from shaving cream to a multi-tasking face and body lotion. We particularly love the mini nail polish and deodorant, two beauty items you always need, but rarely see in these kinds of kits.

Want to snag this limited-edition kit for yourself? Then head over to to grab one for your next trip. You’ll thank us once you feel how much lighter your bag is without a bazillion different beauty products weighing it down.

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