Towering Top Knots: Still Trending?

Wendy Rodewald

It was a few years back when the top knot seemed to have reached critical mass. Girls on the street, celebrities on the red carpet, models on the runway — everyone was wearing their hair piled on top of their heads in big ol’ buns.

So it’s a bit surprising that the sky-high style is still making the rounds — and that it still grabs my attention every time it crops up. There’s just something about this hair that says, “Look at me!” (Maybe it’s the extra four or five inches of height it adds.) You know what I mean?

Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne both wore the look recently, and Kim Kardashian wore it just last night. Take a look.

Kim Kardashian's top knot

Kim’s no stranger to big buns (sorry). Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Richie top knot

Nicole pairs her top knot with bangs. Photo: Getty Imaegs

Kelly Osbourne top knot

You might call Kelly O.’s look an over-the-top knot. Photo: Getty Images

Now for the real question: will anyone dare to wear the bun to the Emmys this Sunday? I’ll be watching!

What do you think of these towering top knots? Is this a hairstyle for the ages? Or do you wish it would go away already?

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