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From Top Knots to Sock Buns: Bun Hairstyles For Any Occasion

  • Fishtail Bun: If you're heading on vacation in the next few weeks, brush up on your fishtail skills beforehand so that you can rock this fishtail braided bun while you're away from home. The natives on whatever island you're on will be impressed. 

    Image via Instagram

    Photo: Instagram/Instagram
  • Ballerina Bun: Though a ballerina bun is the ultimate all purpose hairstyle, we particularly love it on occasions when you want to look polished and put together, like heading out to dinner with the girls. 

    Image via Style Me Pretty

    Photo: Style Me Pretty/Style Me Pretty
  • Top Knot: Sure, this is quite possibly the easiest hairstyle you could possibly do, but we love that it's also one of the chicest. If you're heading to the beach or the park, keep your hair out of your face with an effortless look. Bonus points if you add a bright lipstick

    Image via J. Crew

    Photo: J Crew/J Crew
  • Bun With a Braid: It's all about the details, and braids are a huge hair trend this spring. If you're attempting this style, make sure to use a wax or hairspray in the braid so the style holds. Don this look for instances when you're going for a "Bohemian Meets Librarian" look, like on date night. 

    Image via Glam Radar

    Photo: Glam Radar/Glam Radar
  • Chignon: The chignon is one of the classiest looks you can wear, so style your hair like this for an elegant occasion like a black tie dinner. 

    Image via The Small Things

    Photo: The Small Things/The Small Things
  • Bun With a Scarf: If you're heading to a music festival this summer, chances are you won't be washing your hair very often. Add a touch of style to your unwashed tresses by adding a scarf to your bun. 

    Image via Pembe Ruj 

    Photo: Pembe Ruj/Pembe Ruj
  • Low Bun: Regardless of the dress you'll be wearing for prom (or another formal occasion), a low bun goes with just about any style. Keep it slicked back for a sophisticated look or pull out some face-framing pieces for a more romantic look. 

    Image via Style Me Pretty

    Photo: Style Me Pretty /Style Me Pretty
  • Side Bun: The side bun gives you the pretty feeling of an updo without a ton of work, so this is a go to hairstyle for when we're spending the day vintage shopping and bookstore hunting with friends. 

    Image via Once Wed 

    Photo: Once Wed/Once Wed
  • Messy Bun: Nothing goes better with music than a messy bun, so texturize your hair with some dry shampoo and throw it into a messy bun for the next concert you're going to. 

    Image via Instagram

    Photo: Instagram/Instagram
  • Bun With a Headband: Heading to Sunday brunch with the girls means you're probably working with hair that's left over from Saturday night. Give your locks a hint of sparkle with a dainty headband and a giant ballerina bun. 

    Image via Asos 

    Photo: Asos/Asos

From Top Knots to Sock Buns: Bun Hairstyles For Any Occasion

From Top Knots to Sock Buns: Bun Hairstyles For Any Occasion

From Top Knots to Sock Buns: Bun Hairstyles For Any Occasion
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Though bun hairstyles are classic and can work in a multitude of settings, the bun has evolved over the years to become incredibly intricate. From the fishtail braided bun to the oversized ballerina, buns have taken on their own category of hairstyles and we like it. But, with a great hairstyle comes the great responsibility to wear said style in the proper environment. Though these are loose guidelines, we’d never expect to see a messy bun at a wedding or a classy chignon on the beach.

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To help you through deciphering whether to bun or not to bun, we’ve put together a guide on where to wear which hairstyle. Whether you’re heading to a music festival this season or you’re gearing up for what to don for prom, we’ve found a hairstyle to suit your needs. Take a look at the slideshow above and tell us which bun you’ll be rocking this weekend in the comments below!

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