Top 10 Halloween Hairstyles

Because the perfect Halloween hairstyle is your costume’s crowning glory, we’ve picked the most awesome, iconic, hands-down fun to wear looks to top off your getup. Who will you be this year?

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles
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1. Diva Curls
This voluminous ‘do works for a handful of great costumes, plus it’s totally fun to wear.

Halloween costume ideas: Wear a glamorous dress and tote along baby Blue Ivy: you’re Beyoncé! Belt out “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” to channel 80s Whitney Houston (RIP), or brush out your curls and add a full can of Aquanet to go as a hair metal groupie.


2. Crown of Braids
The Heidi-style braid isn’t just for milkmaids — it works for a bunch of costumes (not to mention looks trés cute).

Halloween costume ideas: Got a tiara? You’re a fairy princess. His and hers leiderhosen and a willing companion? Hansel and Gretel. Or, add flowers and draw in a unibrow to transform into Frida Kahlo.



Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne
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3. Blunt Bangs
What better excuse than Halloween to test drive bangs? If you’d rather not commit to chopping them, try a clip-in faux fringe.

Halloween costume ideas: Have wavy hair? Add tortoiseshell specs and an uncanny ability to be quirky all the time: You’re Zooey Deschanel as New Girl‘s Jess. Or don colored hair extensions, a pink lip and an off-the-charts crazytown outfit to transform yourself into Nicki Minaj. If your hair’s already bobbed, add cat-eye liner and call yourself Cleopatra.


4. Bombshell Waves
Glamorous getups call for gorgeous, high-shine hair like this classic style.

Halloween costume ideas: Pair this hairstyle with a red carpet worthy gown to channel the Hollywood siren of your choosing, past or present. Or top your royal blowout with a tiara to mimic Duchess Kate (wear a flesh-colored top and a black censor bar to make it topical).


Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré
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5. Faux Bob
If your costume calls for shorter hair and you don’t feel like rocking a wig (much less chopping your locks), fake a bob with this pinned-under hairstyle.

Halloween costume ideas: Go retro as Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy (recruit a frenemy and each pick one). Or wear sunglasses and an icy expression and call yourself Anna Wintour.


6. Sky High Ponytail
This ridiculously easy look has almost infinite applications.

Halloween costume ideas: Pair this look with gauzy harem pants and go as a genie. Or pad up your posterior and call yourself Kim Kardashian. Loop the tail through a scrunchie and, voila! You’re an Olympic gymnast.



Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie
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7. 60s-Inspired Updo
Use a rolled up sock or a foam hair donut to give this look volume.

Halloween costume ideas: Combine with mod eye makeup and a short shift dress to transform yourself into Mad Men’s Megan Draper. An LBD and tiara turn you into Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


8. Teased Bump
Forget those Bump-it contraptions. Backcombing hair at the crown to create volume is the secret to making big hair happen.

Halloween costume ideas: Add cat eye liner and a pink H&M sweater and go as singer Lana del Rey. Or stuff a pillow under your shirt, apply bronzer and you’re pregnant Snooki.


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood
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9. Long Braid
If your braid isn’t quite as lengthy as you’d like, weave in matching hair extensions to create a down-the-back plait.

Halloween costume ideas: Tote a bow and arrow and dress in wilderness survival gear: You’re The Hunger GamesKatniss Everdeen. Or create pigtail braids to channel Wednesday Addams or Pocahontas.


10. Pageant Curls

Big, shiny, blonde ringlets are a guaranteed show stopper. Remember, the smaller the barrel on your curling iron, the tighter the curl.

Halloween costume ideas: Wear a sparkly dress and carry a microphone to become Carrie Underwood. Or mix up a batch of Go Go Juice, apply age-inappropriate makeup, and call yourself Honey Boo Boo.

Have you picked out your costume yet? Would you incorporate any of these Halloween hairstyles, or do you have other ideas? Tell us below!

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