Top 10 French Beauty Products You Really Need

Top 10 French Beauty Products You Really Need
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Annie Atkinson is the beauty maven behind the popular blog, She’s In the Glow. Before diving headlong into her site, Annie worked in beauty marketing at Chanel Beauty & Fragrance and did fashion styling for Michael Kors. She started She’s in the Glow as a way to document what inspires her most: all things beauty.

Even through the cloud of glitter backstage at fashion week, you can see a handful of beauty products, that continue to pop up again and again—and no surprise here, that many of these are French. Everyone knows that French women possess a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from the rest of us, and they wear less makeup in favor of an au naturel appearance. Everything about their look just seems effortless, simple, chic, and beautiful. French women also celebrate their imperfections…take Vanessa Paradis’s gap for example.

In terms of skincare, French women are obsessed. I mean think about it…if you’re going to go makeup free, your skin better look damn good. French woman are extremely loyal to the brands that they know and trust, and interesting enough, many of these products are sold in French pharmacies (and are conveniently starting to pop up in drugstores here in the US). I pulled together a list of the top 10 French products. Not only do French women love and use them, makeup artists and beauty editors adore them as well. Want to know the art of French beauty? Here it is.

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