Tom Ford Doesn’t Do Drag, But He Does Love Makeup

Amanda Elser

Tom Ford may have no desire to dress up like a girl, but according to an article in Britain’s Telegraph he has some serious makeup envy.

“Have you noticed how much make-up girls are wearing these days? It’s because it’s cheaper than buying clothes. I love beauty products. At Gucci I’d spend days working with a make-up artist getting the show to look right. I was never drawn to walking in women’s shoes that’s maybe why some of them hurt. I never had a desire to wear the clothes. I’m probably the only man in England who doesn’t want to dress in drag. But make-up? That I’m serious about.”

Ford goes on talking about why he left retirement and went back to designing women’s wear and why fashion satisfies a part of him that filmmaking can’t. Personally, we think that Ford can do no wrong, whether fashion, film or beauty, everything he touches is golden in our eyes.

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