To Be Or Not To Be?

Megan McIntyre

I think that is always the question most women have about their image. To Be or Not To Be? Can I be sexy like Angelina Jolie, or chic like Anne Hathaway, trendy  like Joy Bryant,  sophisticated like Hillary Swank, modern like Victoria Beckham, or super cool like Beyonce?

Yes, you can be all of those things. I think a haircut, as simple (kind of) as it is, really reflects how you feel about yourself. But trusting your stylist goes a long way. I recommend Ron at Bo Salon in Austin, TX, Eli at Thomas Chase in Santa Monica, CA, Frank Rizzieri in Marlton, NJ and Neven at Ted Gibson in DC which will be opening on September 1.

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We all know the “bob” is still very HOT and will be for a while. Here is a look I created for Kate Walsh (left). I love creating bobs at my salon, they’re always a refreshing change of pace. Cutting hair makes my heart sing and I can tell when a woman really loves the fact that she has changed her look and the way she feels about herself.

Do you have a favorite stylist? What makes him or her special? I would love to hear.

Always remember that Beauty Is Individual!  Ted

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