Tips for the Perfect Brows from a Chella Expert

Julia DiNardo

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Doing your own eyebrows can be a daunting task, but communicating to someone else how to do them the exact way you like (or fix them) can also be a challenge. Luckily we spoke with Zuri, Brow Specialist for Chella Skin Care at the Brow Bar Counter at Saks Fifth Avenue, which is offering complimentary brow makeovers every Friday, now through the end of April.

She explained some key tips, but also had us demo (on ourselves!) how to properly pluck, trim, brush, and color the brow area.

Here are the major takeaways from Zuri at the Chella Brow Bar:

  • Don’t ask for somone else’s brows. “Everyone’s brows coincide with their features and their bone structure,” explains Zuri. “When people come in asking for Brooke Shields or Katie Couric’s brows, you really have to explain to them that a person’s brows must fit with the rest of their face, and it makes them unique and who they are.”
  • The trick to trimming is to brush your eyebrows up, and if you see any hairs that are longer than the uniformity of the rest, glide the scissors across the brow line and trim straight across. Also make sure you have the right kind of scissors; Chella Scissors have protectors on the end so you don’t take off too much hair at once, or worse cut your forehead!
  • Don’t pluck every time you see a stray hair. If you wait and handle your brow hairs all at once, you will train the hair pattern and grow back will be less frequent.
  • You really should do more than just pull out the hairs. Only if you feel confident enough to trim, using the aforementioned technique, do that next, then use toner above and below the freshly plucked brow line to cool and soothe. Next fill in with with a pencil that matches your hair, and last use a highlighting pencil with a white hue to emphasize your newly perfect brows.
  • Fleck the brow pencil to fill in, don’t draw. Next use the grooming brush to fill it in evenly. “Most people do need a pencil to fill in their brows, as there are very few people that have full enough ones naturally.”
  • Let an expert pick out a stencil for you. If you’d like to try out a stencil at home, “have an expert walk you through the options and show you which one is the best one for you, so you know what to do when you get home,”states Zuri. Case in point she had me choose which from the stencil kit I thought my brows were, and I chose incorrectly! (Just for the record, I am “Sassy” from the Beautiful Brows Stencil Kit, $15).

For a complimentary brow makeover at the Chella Brow Bar exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, call 212-940-2307. Appointments are available Fridays only, 11am-7pm, now through April 29th.


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