Beauty Buzz: Tips for Rocking the Bold J.Crew Lipstick Look, Banishing Blotchy Skin, More

Victoria Moorhouse


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1 Pizza Hut created a nail polish collection with names just as amazing as you might imagine. But alas, it’s not for purchase. [The Cut]

2. Rules for getting the very most out of your daytime beauty look. [Byrdie]

3. Find out how you can keep your complexion clear and banish blotchy skin from your beauty routine. [Daily Makeover]

4. One model explains why she chose to cut off her long, long hair for a short pixie—and how the new look has changed her career. []

5. Learn how to get that orange J.Crew lipstick look right with essential tips from makeup artist Troi Ollivierre. [Fashionista]

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