Tip for At-Home Roots


About a month ago, a long time client of mine came in to have her new growth colored. The first time I met her she said “I seemed to have lost my Feragamo glove, if you find it I will have my driver come pick it up.” She always has the right bag, the perfect shoes and a blow out twice a week – get the picture? This last time she was in she asked in a hushed tone “Jason, what can I do at home to cover my grays so I don’t have to be in the salon every three weeks?” At that moment, I knew the recession had finally hit Manhattan!

A week or so after that Kate Hathaway (Annie‘s mom) was in the salon asking a similar question. She said “Jason, I love coming to Ted Gibson for my color but my schedule is so crazy I don’t have the time to be here every three weeks. What can I do when I’m at home or on the road to get by?”

clairol nice n easy

The simple solution for both women – whether it’s a crazy schedule or stretching salon visits to help the budget – Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up. I LOVE this product. There is just enough product in the package to get you through a couple more weeks. It blends out gray hair through your part and hairline (exactly where people see it) and processes in just 10 minutes. You can use the easy angled brush to apply the product, drink some coffee, brush your teeth and then jump in the shower to rinse it out – SO EASY! The shades are easy to select and are formulated to emulate hair color that has been on the hair for a few weeks. The best part about it is it won’t interfere with my plan (or your colorists) in the salon. It really is the perfect solution. Have you tried it? Did you love it???? LMK

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