Things We Don’t Recommend: DIY Butt Injections with Cement

Amanda Elser

Yeah, that doesn’t work. Unlicensed “plastic surgeon” Oneal Ron Morris (pictured above)was arrested Friday for injecting an “unknowing patient” with a DIY concoction of cement, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, super glue and mineral oil to give the patient “hips like his” (yes, Morris is a man).

The patient, who wanted to work in a nightclub, was searching for a doctor to give her butt injections when she was referred to the 30-year-old Morris. She paid $700 to have her butt injected with this deadly cocktail of household products in May 2010, but when the pain became almost unbearable Morris reassured her, “Oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We just keep injecting you with the stuff and it all works itself out.”

It seems as if the body isn’t equipped to absorb cement, because the womandeveloped pneumonia and MRSA. After a year of searching, Morris was arrested and charged with “practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury,” but was released from jail on bond.

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