These Websites Will Tell You If the Ingredients in Your Products Are Harmful

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These Websites Will Tell You If the Ingredients in Your Products Are Harmful
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If we lived in a perfect world, we’d be putting fruits and veggies on our face to clean it. While some organic companies are promoting just that, a majority of the beauty industry still uses ingredients that we can’t pronounce or understand.

Since you’re probably perplexed and frustrated while peeking at the back of your bottle of moisturizer or foundation, there are sources out there for you to find whether or not the ingredients in your beauty products are harmful to your skin and overall health in just the quick click of the mouse.

Of course we want you to be knowledgeable and safe, so we’re showing you some of our favorite sites that will provide with you all the information you need to get the low-down on all the products you use in a day.

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Beautypedia by Paula's Choice


Created by the founder of beauty company, Paula's Choice, Paula Begoun, and her team of passionate cosmetic ingredient researchers have dug deep into almost every product on the market from skincare to cosmetics to hair care to find the best ingredients for your skin. For their reviews, they turn to published scientific research to give you an unbiased opinion on all your beauty products. This site is super easy to navigate—just type in your product in the search box at the top and hear all about the ingredients and the overall review of how to product actually works. You can also search by ingredient or check out their list of "best products" to find the safest and best quality products on the market.

Cosmetics Ingredients


Once you check out this website, you'll instantly feel more knowledgable about what the heck is lurking in your beauty products. If you're looking at the ingredient list on a product that you're curious about, you can simply type the ingredient into the search box and read all about what it actually is. If you'd rather, you also have the option to click on a brand on the huge list that she has provided that will show you a list of their most popular products with everything she can tell you about the product's ingredients. Also, the ingredients are clickable so you can always click on a certain ingredient that's in one of your products and learn more about it that way.

Paula's Choice Beauty Ingredient Dictionary


Also created by the founder of Paula's Choice, you'll love this giant dictionary that will give you tons of information about all the most popular ingredients in just about every product you own. You can find an ingredient by searching in a category or you can also check out the alphabetical list of ingredients as well. Once you find the ingredient you're interested in, you can click on it, see the rating that the Paula's Choice team gives it and even see which category it's in so you'll know why the company put that ingredient into your product.

EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database


Whether you're using the website or downloading the app for your cell phone, Skin Deep is the database that every girl interested in ingredients needs to have at their fingertips. In the search box at the top of the page, you can type in a product that you're interested in learning more about and see all the results that come up. Once you've clicked on the product, you can see it's rating (0-2 means low hazard, 3-6 means moderate hazard and anything higher than 6 means the product is a high hazard according to it's ingredients). You'll also be able to see how it's rated on a few different scales like overall hazard, risk of cancer, risk of developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and even use restrictions.

Good Guide


The Good Guide is the perfect resource for finding safety hazards in not just beauty products but even things you use around your home. You can search by category or just type in your product in the search box. The database gives you a Good Guide rating of how harmful the ingredients are with 0 being very hazardous and 10 meaning that your product has no ingredients that raise concern. You can also see ratings on how good they are for your health, the environment and society.

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