There’s Now An App For Bigger Boobs, Seriously

Rachel Adler

Alright, so the talk of the office this morning was a new iPhone application that apparently shows you the results of breast augmentation. The app (which is free to download) is called iAugment, and will show you your breasts in size from 210cc all the way to 390cc. We were a bit disgusted, a bit awed and a bit intrigued, so we of course had to test it out.

One of my colleagues willingly volunteered, and all you have to do is take a picture with your iPhone, place the two circes which enhance size where you’d like them (probably the center of your breasts, we imagine) and choose the size you’re going for.

126074 1305041081 Theres Now An App For Bigger Boobs, Seriously

For the first look, we went a bit drastic, taking her from her flat-chested days to Pam Anderson in no time.

126072 1305041078 Theres Now An App For Bigger Boobs, Seriously

We then tried out a “normal” size as well, but all kind of agreed that it looked a bit off. Our tester isn’t considering plastic surgery (and this can bring no good to the female population), but the overall consensus was basically that this app is a stupid toy for boys to play with. And hopefully not take pictures of their girlfriends with…be aware, be very aware ladies.

126073 1305041079 Theres Now An App For Bigger Boobs, Seriously

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