The Worst Thing EVER


For the record – I have to let all of you know there is one thing I believe to be the worst thing EVER! I despise, with a passion, hair color that goes from lighter at the scalp to darker on the ends. This dilemma can take your pure hearted beauty intentions and turn it into a downright disaster. Come on ladies, you all know what I’m talking about – it is quintessentially the dead give away of color treated hair. Because I feel it is my CBD (civic beauty duty) to point out this eye-sore, I am compelled to share some easy tips with you that will guarantee success in your hair coloring adventures.

Pointing out simple tips…well that, at least, is how I began this entry. I started listing and writing and listing and writing compiling a whole list of tricks of the trade the pro’s always take into consideration. Quickly I discovered I could turn one blog entry into a hair color novel or even an encyclopedia. When I was reviewing my work I realized I could no longer consider this a one shot deal. I stopped right there and decided to create a series. Multiple episodes of digestible tips I use in the salon everyday that will ultimately help you in your color journey. Over the next several days I will share with you a veritable tri-fecta in balanced hair color: Suck it up, a plunge into porosity; Hot Headed, an explanation of hot roots and Balance it out, some simple tricks you can do at home for balanced color from roots to ends.

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments. They continue to inspire me. LMK- Jason

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