The Power Of Personal Referrals

referring your hair colorist

Telling your galpal about your favorite colorist spreads
good business, great karma, and gorgeous hair.

I often wonder how a first time guest ends up in my chair. Most of the time I will ask her how she decided to come to Ted Gibson Salon or who referred her to me – it’s a great way to start a conversation and get the ball rolling.

Today I was quite surprised when I started the conversation with my guest and she replied “God speaks to me – in English – and told me to come to see you for my color.” I replied, “That’s a great referral!”

Another time I was talking to a first time guest who had just returned from a business trip to Minneapolis. She told me she was sitting in a restaurant and complimented the woman sitting near her on her hair color. The pretty haired lady said she really lucked out because she volunteered to be a model at a hair show and this guy Jason from New York did her color and she just loved it. Since I had given the model my card, she pulled it out of her purse and gave it to my new client – who has now been coming to me ever since. A very similar scenario happened between two women sitting on an airplane.

Referrals are the BEST way to support your colorist – or any service provider for that matter. Personally I can’t think of a better compliment from one of my girls. If she loves her hair so much that she tells her girlfriends, her co-workers, her mother or a stranger on the street to come in to see me – I am tickled! So delighted in fact that I reward my clients with a complimentary service for every three referrals they give me.

If you love the work your colorist, stylist, dog groomer any service provider does for you, give them a compliment by telling everybody – they’ll love you for it!

Have you given a personal referral lately?

LMK, OK? Jason

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