The Most Hilarious Fitness Videos

Caroline Murray

With the Olympics just around the corner, we’re getting excited to cheer on our favorite, hard-working athletes. But just because they’ve turned fitness into a career, doesn’t mean it can’t still be a fun hobby for us mere mortals. We put together a list of videos that remind us that getting a great body doesn’t have to be so serious all the time; sometimes it can be fun too.

Epic Taekwondo Battle!

Taekwondo can be a tough, strenuous workout– it takes plenty of mental and physical strength. Unless you’re little boys who wants to look like they’re fighting hard. Here, maco708 shows us what some kids really get up to at Taekwondo lessons, in what may be the cutest video of all time.

The Hottie Body Jim-Miracle Diet

Last year, late night show host Jimmy Kimmel came up with a revolutionary way to lose weight: eat a little less. In this hilarious video, Kimmel rounds up some of our favorite Hollywood ladies to hump, jump and love on his “original” weight loss plan.

How To Fake Six-Pack Abs

Always dreamed of killer abs, but don’t have time for crunches? No problem. Youtube user communitychannel shows women how they can paint abs on their bodies, using a Sharpie, to create the perfectly sculpted abs in two minutes or less.

Call On Me (For Fitness Gear)

Fitness gear was totally revamped in the 1980s and we love how some people just can’t say goodbye to their thong-leotards and bright colored leg-warmers. In this seductive Eric Prydz music video, fitness class is taken to a whole new level of sexy (dare we say ridiculous?) to remind us just how goofy working out can be.


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