The Hair You Always Wanted


I have a guest at the salon who has been coming to me for about five years to have her hair colored. She has also been seeing various people at the salon to have her hair cut. She is a very well put together woman–great fashion sensibility, pretty skin, nice makeup, good manicure–you know the type. Although she always loved her cut and color, for her entire life she has never LOVED her HAIR.

She is of Northern European decent and has that kind of hair that is fine and limp. On top of that it is also frizzy and would never grow beyond her shoulders. For her, her hair was a combination of frustrations that always made her feel like she had to start the day with a fight!

I guess I was in that fatal rut with her that so many hair dressers and colorists fall into with long time clients. I knew her. I knew what she likes, what she doesn’t like and how far I could push the envelope when she wanted to make a change in her color without seeing her in for an adjustment two days later! Because of that relationship of, I don’t know what to call it–respected boundaries I guess, we were doing variations of a theme for years. Well, the last time she was in it was like I was struck by lightning. We had a serious conversation about her hair and how we could take if from something she had to fight with to her crowning glory.

We recently started doing the La Braziliana Hair Keratin treatment at our salons in NYC and DC. It is an amazing treatment that removes frizz and cuts your blow dry time down by up to 90%, (check out some of my favorite blogs for reviews on treatments in DC, The Make Up Girl and NYC, Beauty Blogging Junkie) so first we did that. No more frizz.

Next I introduced her to Nancy Jiminion–our extensions pro who has done them on everyone from Gabriel Union to Anne Hathaway. She did a half-head of Great Lengths extensions on my client that matched her color perfectly and changed her short, fine hair, to glorious cascading locks that now fall past her shoulder blades. AMAZING!!!!

My point to all this is–with all of the options we have in the salon today, there is no reason to hate your hair. Stop in for a consultation so you can unlock the secrets!!!! Don’t just wish for it, GET IT!

Do you have the hair you’ve always wanted? LMK.

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