850 Hours of Work Went Into the Nails at The Blonds Fall 2014 Show

the blonds nails

Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

If you’ve ever seen even just an Instagram from The Blonds fashion show, you know that the designer duo David and Phillipe aren’t exactly subtle with anything. This season’s show was arguably their best yet, inspired by felines and villains, and including every texture from leather to velvet to glitter in the collection. What’s a good catsuit without an equally over-the-top nail, though?

CND has been the masterminds behind the nails at The Blonds for more than 13 years, continuously topping their previous season with even wilder looks. Backstage before The Blonds show at New York Fashion Week, we caught up with Kristina Estabrooks of CND to get all the details on the manicures created for the show (like the gun nails above).

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Kristina told us that between the seven CND manicurists on the team, the nails took a collective 850 hours total. If you break that down, it would take one person 32 days (working seven days a week, 24 hours a day) to get the job done. The CND team holes up in a hotel room for about a week prior to the show to create all of the nails that will be sent down the runway.

the blonds nails

Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Within this show, models got all different kinds of designs from collections like the Joker, Gotham City, Graffiti Cat, Jewel Heist, Leather Corsets, and Velvet Nails, which were all hand crafted. Kristina explained that while the team got materials from all kinds of places, none of the designs could be store bought. Some of the pieces were hand sculpted with a liquid and a powder to create a polymer plastic base, some were molded from gel and shellac, and still others were hand sewn with leather strips.

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On the creative team that works on The Blonds show, Kristina told us, “This season is a little different. When we were talking about the show, realistically the amount of talent and creativity that it takes to pull something like this off, I mean we’ve got knitting elements, jewelry making, airbrush, gel and more. Just all the different creative minds that I take for granted. It’s not even an obstacle when somebody says, ‘Can you do this?’ It’s just like, ‘Sure, we’ll figure it out.’ This team is full of creative artistry. It blew my mind.”

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