The Best Olympics Abs

Caroline Murray
The Best Olympics Abs
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We dont mind if Ryan Lochtes mother says hes only into one-night stands. With abs like this, wed pretty much let any of his transgressions slide. Where To Meet Mr. Right

Photo: © Al Bello/Getty Images

Chicago-native, Matt Grevers, isnt as well known as some other swimmers, but with abs like this (and incredible arms!), we think he deserves a little more attention. Are You Getting Too Much Protein?

Photo: © Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

As much as we love cheering on the boys, its women like Jessica Ennis who really inspire us to go out and work harder at what we love. The British track and field athlete is kicking butt in London, and her body proves how much dedication that really takes. Make Over Your Butt In 10 Days!

Photo: © Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Swimmers may get all the hot-body attention, but theres another group thats got some serious six-packs: The divers. Here, David Boudia of the US Diving Olympic team, proves that no matter what youre doing in the water, youll probably win us over. Do Gentlemen Prefer Bangs?

Photo: © Joe Klamar/Getty Images

Admittedly, wrestling isnt our must-see sport of the Olympicshey, theres only room for one adorable athlete in our hearts, and this year its Gabby Douglas! However, ever since we spotted freestyle wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, and his powerful abs dominating the room, something about wrestling has seemingly become a little more appealing. Hot or Weird: Men Getting Brazilian Waxes?

Photo: © Nick Laham/Getty Images

Weve heard Australian men are hunky, but this is just ridiculous! Twenty-one-year-old Australian swimmer, James Magnussen, not only has abs of steel, but golden skin and piercing eyes too. Trip down under, anyone? What Do Men Think Of Buns?

Photo: © Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Heres what we love about Dawn Harpers body: Its fit and toned, but in a feminine, bulk-free kind of way. To have abs like hers seems near impossible; so consider us green with envy. Would You Try A Weight Loss Fragrance?

Photo: © Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What kind of sexy abs roundup would be complete without Michael Phelps? The record-breaking swimmer stole our hearts in 2008, scooping up medals like they were snacks in his 12,000-calorie diet. Love him or hate him, this man has abs most men can only dream of. How To Ease Post-Workout Pain

Photo: © Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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