The Best Beauty Innovations of 2014

Victoria Moorhouse

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Each year, the beauty industry gets to work producing the latest products and tools designed to enhance your hair, makeup, and skincare routines. And 2014 was no different! Using groundbreaking technology and research, brands crafted countless products packed with beneficial, preventative, and nourishing ingredients and game-changing gadget-y tools that caught our attention and boosted our best practices with huge improvement.

From makeup brushes designed after an artist’s drawing tools to scientific eye masks, we rounded up some of the best beauty innovations of 2014, giving you a chance to take a look back at some of the most talked about launches from this past year.

FOREO_LUNA_for_normal_skin_product_front1. The FOREO LUNA
This silicone facial cleansing tool uses a tapping motion, instead of an oscillating, circular motion, to rid your skin of bacteria and cleanse your pores. But unlike many other facial brushes, the LUNA features an active reverse side for an anti-aging treatment that uses lower-frequency pulsations to increase blood circulation in your face.
(Where to By: FOREO LUNA, $199,

artis elite mirror finish 10 brushes lineup

2. Artis Elite Makeup Brushes
Inspired and evolved from the technology of drawing tools, these easy-to-hold brushes are created with a slanted tip of man-made fibers that are bundled in specific shapes based on what product you’re applying. Facial powder brushes are circularly shaped while brushes, meant for eye makeup application, are in linear. The brushes are set to pick up more makeup than the average animal-hair product, and apply product in a smooth finish.
(Where to Buy: Elite 10-Brush Set, $275,

buxom mascara brushes The Best Beauty Innovations of 20143. Buxom Mascara Bar
A rock star mascara formula needs a wand to match—and Buxom created seven to fit the lash needs of every lady. The brand made major moves when it created a line of wands that are each designed in specific shapes and with different bristles to apply the nourishing formula in several ways, whether that be one to lengthen, thicken, or curl.
(Where to Buy: Buxom Mascara Bar, $,

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4. KISS InstaWave
This gadget takes the work out of curling your hair, as it essentially does the hairstyling for you. Placing your hair inside the prongs, the machine pulls your hair around the barrel in both the right and left direction for two different curl looks. After you’ve waited a few seconds with your hair around the barrel, you pull down to release. This tool also shuts off automatically after 90 minutes and heats to about 420 degrees.
(Where to Buy: KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler, $60,

silver pearl oribe hair fragrance The Best Beauty Innovations of 20145. Oribe Silver Pearl Eau de Parfum
The highly-esteemed hair care company took the gorgeous scents of its products and fastened them into perfume created for your body and hair. So if its that fragrance you’re desiring, and not another wash, all it takes is a few spritzes for your locks to hold on to.
(Where to Buy: Oribe Silver Pearl Eau de Parfum, $84,

talika eye masks The Best Beauty Innovations of 20146. Talika Bio Enzyme Masks
Sheet masks made a huge impact this year, but this version differs from paper or cotton masks. Talika crafted their masks, with three created around specific concerns like hydration, aging, and brightening, with bio cellulose, a strong substance that holds active ingredients in its three-dimensional structure.
(Where to Buy: Bio Enzymes Mask, $12,

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Clinique Sonic System7. Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
Joining the ranks of facial brushes, Clinique jumped in with a massaging brush for all skin types made with a tilted head with two bristle types to better cleanse specific sections of skin on your face—like the T-zone and your cheeks.
(Where to Buy: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, $90,

FORMULA X Press Pods

 8. Formula X Press Pods
These tiny pods, each complete with a mini brush, are packed with just enough nail lacquer for a full, two-coat manicure, meaning you can try out 24 different colors for a remarkably low price.
(Where to Buy: Formula X Press Pods, $24,

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