The Beauty Trick Americans Taught French Girls

Caroline Murray


For as long as I can remember, French women have been the sexiest creatures alive with a look the rest of us mere mortals constantly try to imitate. Their rich, dark hair, seductive lingerie, and perfect curves–despite the pastries they inhale daily–are enviable. So as someone who aspires to be a little more Coco Chanel every single day, I was excited to hear that American gals mastered one beauty trick before the French: Fake lashes.

How To Get Longer Lashes

Fake eyelashes are super hot in France right now. You can’t turn a corner without spotting some lady’s super long, super volumous lashes–it just happens to be five years after they became popular in America, says Ardell eyelash expert, Monique Kraemer. Both cultures love the idea of big, natural looking lashes, she says, the only thing is, in Paris, “natural” is seemingly interpreted as “couture.”

“French women love artificial nails, and now they’re moving toward artificial eyelashes. It just feels normal,” says Monique, a French rep for the brand. “These women love the natural look, so I’m not anxious about them incorporating more glitter and feathers into their cosmetics.”

After spotting a few eccentric lash looks at the MakeUp In Paris conference, I wanted to compare the two interpretations of “natural.” So Joy Johnson, an American rep for the Ardell brand, created her idea of a natural lash look on me. The contrast was huge! Obviously, French ladies aren’t adorning their day looks with feathers and faux crystals, but for nighttime, they’re much more sparkly than, say, Kim Kardashian’s go-to lashes.


I got American “natural” false lashes!

Don’t Make These Makeup Mistakes!

Still haven’t figured out how to apply false lashes? Regardless of your lash preference, the Ardell ladies say every girl needs to know these steps: Start by pressing the false lashes out of the container, instead of ripping them off. Then line the edges with a dark adhesive (this will allow you to skip eyeliner), using a toothpick for even distribution. Bend the lashes in a “C” shape, and let the adhesive get a little tacky. Lastly, apply the lashes by bringing your arm over your forehead and begin by attaching the middle of your lash line. This arm trick keeps you from blocking your own view of the mirror. Also make sure you’re looking down for a more precise view of your lash line.

I am still loving false lashes, but all this bling in Paris has inspired me to be more adventurous with the look. Would you wear eccentric lashes?

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