The Beauty Look Worth Going To Prison For

Caroline Murray
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Bank heists and convenience store hold-ups are so last year. This season, the hottest new thing to steal is hair extensions–and how valuable they are, indeed.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Over the weekend, three thieves broke into a hair salon in Chicago and stole $230,000 worth of natural, human hair, the Chicago Tribune reported. After smashing through a wall from an attached empty storefront and crawling around motion detectors Mission Impossible-style, the perps got away with six duffle bags of the goods.

“They knew what they were doing. They didn’t take any of the cheap stuff,” Don Shin, owner of the salon, told the Tribune.

We’ve tried clip-in hair extensions, so we know how fabulous they look, but also how pricey they can be. Real human hair extensions can cost you well over a $1,000 and if you’re going for a weave, even more. Needless to say, Mr. Shin has lost the most valuable goods in his salon and a product on high demand. His theory is that the soon-to-be felons will try and sell the hair on the black market for a bargain price.

Does Carrie Underwood Need A Hair Extension Intervention?

We thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend, but longer, thicker hair seems to trump even the most valuable of stones. Would you spend big bucks on hair extensions?

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