How to Survive Thanksgiving Without Packing on the Pounds

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Enjoy Thanksgiving — without having to move up a pant size!

Enjoy Thanksgiving — without having to move up a pant size!

Succulent meat, gravy-sopped stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, and carmelized pie — it’s enough to have you reaching for your boyfriend jeans before the holiday party season even gets rolling.

Skipping out on Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings can be next to impossible, but giving in can also result in packing on difficult-to-shed pounds.

Fortunately, there’s no need to choose between celebrating and maintaining your weight. With the proper approach, you can have your turkey and wear those skinny jeans, too.

Beverly Hills-based celebrity health counselor Carina Sohaili has developed a master plan for surviving the holiday season without tossing aside your weight goals:

Preparing before the meal:

1. A huge mistake people make is fasting or eating very little until the big meal. This is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your breakfast and lunch combine protein and healthy carbohydrates. When you starve yourself during the day in preparation for a megameal, your body has a much harder time acknowledging when you are actually full. Cravings for sugary, carby sweets also will be intensified.

2. Ditch the all-or-nothing diet mentality. Some people have “cheat” days followed by deprivation days. This causes them to overeat when they “let themselves go.” I always hear “I am starting my diet tomorrow.” You should erase the term “diet” from your vocabulary. Indulge in a balanced way; if you are craving a serving of stuffing, opt for a small portion, not three servings. Ever notice that the first serving of an amazing food tastes the best? The food is not as good the second or third time around.

3. Remember why you are at the table in the first place. It’s not to stuff your face with food! Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and be grateful for the people you are surrounded by. Focus on friends, family, and conversation. The dinner is only one part of the equation.

4. Make time for physical activity even if it is a 20-minute fast walk around the block before dinner. Whether it’s a morning jog, a brisk family hike, or a football game, do something to get your sweat on and ramp up your heart rate. Everything counts and something is better than nothing. Make it a family event. Everything is better with a buddy.

What to eat:

1. Fill up on protein … turkey! Go for the light meat instead of dark and skip the skin. Light meat has less saturated fat (the unhealthy kind) than dark meat. Filling up on protein increases your feeling of satisfaction, stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps you fuller for longer. It also prevents you from having thirds, fourths, or fifths of the bad stuff. If you are vegetarian make sure there is a healthy protein option so you don’t stuff yourself on stuffing or candied yams.

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