Teenager Starts Petition Against Magazine Photoshopping

Shannon Farrell

Magazine images being significantly altered by Photoshop has become quite the controversy lately. Glamour even wrote an article back in their February issue about the cons of doctoring images and surveyed 1,000 women about how they feel about the power of Photoshop. Results showed that the more drastic changes being made to a photo, the less they approved. Not only does Julia Bluhm, a 14-year-old from Maine, not approve of Photoshopped images but she’s taking action to stop it.

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The teenager has started a petition on change.org, asking the editorial board of Seventeen magazine to no longer alter all of their images. The petition reads:

“I’m asking Seventeen magazine to commit to printing one unaltered – real – photo spread per month. I want to see regular girls that look like me in a magazine that’s supposed to be for me. For the sake of all the struggling girls all over America, who read Seventeen and think these fake images are what they should be, I’m stepping up. I know how hurtful these Photoshopped images can be. I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t like what I see. None of us do.”

Seventeen has prided itself in featuring real girls throughout their pages. But if those photos don’t represent real girls, what’s the point? In the beauty industry, we strive to help women feel more beautiful and confident everyday. If we create self-conscious women who can’t live up to the images we provide with our content, we’ve failed.

If you want an end to Photoshopped imaged, sign the petition here. Do you think a change needs to be made?

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