Tara Reid And Her Red Carpet Comeback

Amanda Elser

OK, so maybe we can’t call one red carpet appearance without a nip slip a “comeback”, but you can’t deny that Tara Reid looked good at her latest appearance. Fully clothed and (from the looks of it) sober, Reid looked fresh-faced and bronzed at the American Reunion premiere and we were pleasantly surprised.

Her makeup look was picture perfect with her pink glossy lip and sheer blush complementing her signature, dark liner and tan skin. But what we were really excited about was her sleek, fashion-forward hairstyle.

Parted down the side and slicked back in a tight ponytail, the style was simple but stunning because of three key factors: 1. Her perfect dye-job (can’t have a ponytail this tight with roots), 2. Her pin-straight hair (frizz is not a good look) and 3. Zero bumps (it takes time, but the payoff is exponential).

We are happy to see Reid back and looking healthy and now that she has proved she does have style, we are expecting big things from her.

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