Talking Fashion And Beauty With Olivia Palermo

Megan Segura
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Since her debut on MTV’s reality show The Hills, Olivia Palermo has never been too far from the public eye. Just look at any Best Dressed list or photos from fashion events, and there she is. And while most people know her as the girl you love to hate, Olivia is now the Executive Editor and Creative Director of a new site,, where she shares styling tips and fashion finds from her travels. She most recently hosted an event at New York’s Topshop, so she could share her favorite picks for the holidays with fans.

The Must-Have Accessory

Olivia told shoppers that a pair of velvet shoes is perfect for this time of year, because it’s “luxe and timeless and very durable.” Interestingly enough, Miss Palermo admitted that she mostly wears flats when walking around the city because heels hurt her back.

Her Own Style

Olivia looked amazing in head-to-toe Topshop, complete with a black turban. She says it’s old movies that inspire her look, like Auntie Mame, not Hollywood celebrities.

“I don’t have a celebrity style icon. I think the stylish girls are my friends in fashion. They know what they’re doing.”

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Fashion Advice

Whether you’re getting dressed for the everyday or a fancy night out, Olivia’s says it’s important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. One way to do this is to get your clothes tailored. She also suggested buying individual pieces that can be layered and purchased as easy additions to your wardrobe, as shown by the models who walked around the store in looks Olivia put together. This year, she’s particularly into menswear, clothes with sparkle, feathers and leather.

Her Makeup

Surprisingly, Olivia said she always does her own makeup (which looked flawless), and she likes it to look very clean and matte. While she generally applies a nude lip, she suggested Topshop’s Lips in Mischief or a bright pink like Brighton Rock with a lighter eye and mascara.

Are you a fan of Olivia Palermo’s style?

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