Taking Your Wet Hair From Night To Day

Amber Katz

Our friends at StyleCaster have offered up advice on wash ‘n go method that actually works. Check it out below.

It’s the age-old question; how do you manage to go to bed with wet hair, yet wake up looking like you’ve spent hours grooming it? We’re busy girls, and we don’t have time to come home at night to fix ourselves up for the next day; we need our beauty sleep! Luckily, Mike Martinez of Cutler Salon has finally given us the answer we’ve been looking for.

stylecster hair how to Taking Your Wet Hair From Night To Day

Step 1: Wash and towel dry your hair.

stylecaster hair pic 2.jpg

Step 2: Spray Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray throughout damp hair.

stylecaster hair pic 3.jpg

Step 3: Spray Cutler Volumizing Spray through your hair.

stylecaster hair pic 4.jpg

Step 4: Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb.

stylecaster hair pic 5.jpg

Step 5: Twist your hair into a bun (like a ballerina).

stylecaster hair pic 6.jpg

Step 6: Secure bun with a ponytail holder and go to sleep.

stylecaster hair pic 7.jpg

Step 7: Wake up and shake it out for beautiful waves!

stylecaster hair pic 8.jpg

Enjoy your natural-looking waves!

stylecaster hair pic 9.jpg

If you are worried about your hair holding the waves, spray hair with a bit of hairspray when you wake up in the morning. Try Redken Workforce 09, $15 amazon.com.

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Contributed by Rachel Adler of StyleCaster.com

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