Swarovski’s New Beauty Collection Is Just As Sparkly As You’d Expect

Megan Segura


I like to think of Swarovski as an adult BeDazzler. The crystals are able to transform an ordinary ¬†cell phone or dog collar into a sparkly, fabulous accessory. So when I heard the brand was coming out with a beauty line, I responded with a resounding “Duh!” It just makes sense.

The Aura By Swarovski beauty collection, which goes on sale on HSN April 15th, features a fragrance ($90), a perfume concentrate ($59.90), a highlighter ($59.90), two glosses (each $59.90), and six lip colors (each $24.90).

The lip colors go on with a hint of color, but leave behind a noticeable sparkle, and the perfume mixes notes of lychee with white jasmine and rose. The highlight of the collection, however, is the packaging. Each product is adorned with a crystal, making it stand out amongst the 50 or so lipsticks I leave scattered around.

smallAURA JEWEL Gloss Pink SILO copy

I also love the metal case that houses a few of the products. It comes on a black cord, so you can keep it near you at all times.

Will you give this new beauty line a try?

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