Summer Hair Color: Lighten Up!

Lauren LeVine

The buzz this summer may be all about the dark and brooding (hello Edward Cullen and the entire True Blood cast), but when it comes to hair color, Hollywood has definitely lightened up. Some of our favorite dark-haired celebs have traded in their usually brown locks for blonded strands. Longing for the naturally towheaded summers of your youth? Stop yearning and get the highlighted strands you long for with these expert hair color tips from Aura Friedman, celebrity colorist for Wella Professionals.


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Thinking about lightening your locks for a sunkissed look like Ashley Greene‘s? There are a few things you should consider before even entering the colorist’s chair. “There will definitely be more maintenance, and your roots will grow in more quickly depending on how light you go. The lighter you go, the sooner you’ll have to come back to get your color done. Your hair will also be a little bit dryer, so it’s best to use conditioning masks, and leave-in conditioner. Know that the texture of your hair will change. All of those things are factors that play into going lighter,” says Friedman.


Before photo: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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Jennifer Lopez‘s blonded brunette hue helps accentuate her gorgeous skin tone. How do you find the shade that’s best for you? “You should ask your colorist if a lightened look is going to work with your skin tone. I think pretty much any color can work as long as the tone is right. For example, if you have a lot of pink in your skin, you may not want to go too golden-y because it will make you more pink–you’d want to do something more wheat-y. Also, bring references–not only can you show them what you like, but what you call blonde may not be what he or she calls blonde. Everyone has different ideas or pictures in their head,” says Friedman.


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Newly lightened locks, like Sarah Jessica Parker‘s brightened blonde, need lots of TLC. “The best way to maintain your look is to use leave-in conditioner or leave-in treatments. Anything that you leave in your hair will protect it. When you’re going swimming in a pool, make sure you wet your hair and put conditioner in it beforehand to stop the chlorine from turning your hair green,” says Friedman. So with all of the newly-minted blondes she’s seen, which one is Friedman’s favorite? “I love the creativity right now in hair color, and I guess we owe it all to Lady Gaga. I definitely love the variations of tones and all the pastel colors that I’m seeing.”

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