Warm Weather Fitness Tips to Remember This Summer

Victoria Moorhouse
summer fitness

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Trading in your regular spot on the gym treadmill for a lane on the outdoor running track? It may seem like you’re just swapping out the location of your jog (because who wants to be inside when the sun is shining?), but there’s a lot more that changes in terms of your workout routine when warmer weather finally arrives. From the wardrobe to the beauty products you put on your face, spring and summer can impact the way you sweat (literally and figuratively). As you transition from indoor Pilates to outdoor yoga, keep these tips below in mind.

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Drink Water
Filling up a water bottle and keeping it by your side isn’t a seasonal-specific habit. You should definitely be practicing healthy hydration habits for your body, skin, and overall well-being regardless of how steamy it is outside. But when temperatures start to rise, the amount you sweat is likely to go right up with it. Sweating, while it does release toxins, is also a way that your body naturally loses water. If you’re doing that in excess due to heat, you’re going to want to be on-top of rehydrating—AKA, sipping on that water bottle before, during, and after your workout. Remember, you’ll lose more than just water in your workout, so if it’s a prolonged or intense workout, you can regain nutrients and electrolytes with sports drinks or chocolate milk for your dose of protein and carbs.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen
If there was ever a time to apply a beauty product before working out, it’s before heading out the door for an outside workout. Even if it is early in the morning and the sun isn’t toasty just yet, you should be providing your skin with a barrier from harmful UV/UB rays by applying sunscreen. Most sunscreens are effective without reapplying for about 40 minutes, so if you’re outside longer than this—especially if you’ll be sweating—remember to bring along a product and give yourself another layer of sunblock.

Try a Water-Based Workout
Pool or water-based workouts are ideal for the girl who hates the heat but doesn’t want to be stuck in a stuffy gym or lose the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D. Try swimming laps (a great full-body cardio option that’s also low-impact) or a water aerobics class to stay cool while you burn some calories. But remember—even though it might not seem like it, you still sweat when you’re in the water. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure you keep a water bottle on the side of the pool to rehydrate while you’re working out.

Take Breaks—And Check The Weather Requirements
It’s easy to feel fatigued when it’s extremely hot outside. Things get dangerous when your body is overheated for a prolonged period of time, which in serious cases could lead to conditions such as a heat stroke. Remember to take breaks from being out in the direct sunlight and stay hydrated. Some weather sites even send out weather advisories that let you know if it’s unsafe to be outside for long periods of time. Unless you’re only planning on a 15-minute workout session, maybe the gym is the better option!

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Dress Smart
Prevent an uncomfortable (and even unsafe) workout by dressing appropriately for the weather. When it comes to running in the winter, it’s been suggested to dress like it’s about 10-20 degrees warmer than it actually is. But if you’re going running on a rather warm day, you’re not going to be jogging down the streets in the buff. So what’s there to do? A good option is a loose, breathable tank and shorts in a very light and water-repellent fabric. You don’t want anything too skin-tight, as you may feel restricted in the heat. Offer yourself even more protection with a hat and sunglasses.

Workout in the Morning or the Evening
Instead of working out in peak sunshine hours, set your alarm clock just a tad earlier for a morning workout. If you’re not an early bird (and hey, some people aren’t!), try an early evening workout.

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