10 Sexy Summer Trends Guys Love

Lauren LeVine
10 Sexy Summer Trends Guys Love
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The number one thing guys love about summer? Warm weather means way more skin on display. Remember to leave a little something to the imagination, though, like Vanessa Hudgens' flirty floral dress. "Less clothes on the ladies is always nice, but if it's tasteful. I'm not the kind that's into straight up skank-a-doos. You can be a little revealing yet still obviously have self respect," said one of our Daily Dudes.

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When asked if women should cut back on makeup in the summer, one of the Daily Dudes said it best: "Heat = sweat = mussed up makeup." Well put. Another Daily Dude offered a helpful summer makeup tip: "The big-ticket item for the summer are the lips, don't go bold, just have some shine to them." Jessica Biel's glowing, natural makeup is perfect for summer.

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When asked about beachy waves like Nicole Richie's, one Daily Dude responded: "Favorite of all time, throw that in with some aviator style sunglasses, beach hat and a white beach dress on the sandy shore and whew...we're cooking with gas."

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Don't bother spending hours under a scorching blow dryer in the summer. Just throw your hair up into a casual updo, or a sexy ponytail la Audrina Patridge. "Girls with their hair up is a nice change of pace from the colder scarf months," one Daily Dude said.

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As the great Cher Horowitz said in Clueless, "Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex." Karolina Kurkova's orange sundress with small cutouts is comfortable in the heat and totally sexy.

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Not only are Camilla Belle's jean shorts (or, as we like to call them, "jorts") a-okay with our Daily Dude panel, they're specifically down with one surprising trend. We've never been fans of jean shorts where the pockets are longer than the length of the short, but every Dude we surveyed said that these were totally fine, especially because short shorts show more leg.

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That's right; you can retire your pumps to the closet until fall and throw on casual sandals like Taylor Swift's. One Daily Dude said, "I think it's sexy when a girl can rock some comfy shoes or flats." Another elaborated with, "Summer is a time for daytime fun sandals, more dressy/strappy sandals or wedges. Traditional stilettos can re-emerge after dark."

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We have some shocking news for everyone: Men love bikinis. Ground-breaking information, right? It was refreshing to hear that more guys care about a girl wearing a bikini with confidence than having a perfect body. One Dude even provided a helpful bathing suit suggestion: "[I don't like] the tube top bikini thing. 9 times out of 10, you would look sexier in a regular top or halter-top."

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You know what's not sexy--and every Daily Dude we surveyed agreed about? Sunburns. "Avoid, even more than fake tanner. Sunburns can be fatal, dummy," one guy said. The Dudes also aren't fans of fake tans. The only "tan" they approve of is a natural glow like Selena Gomez's. So lather up with that SPF and use a radiant bronzer!

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We're going to call b.s. on this one, Dudes. When we asked, we thought everyone would agree that tube tops in the traditional sense flatter maybe one percent of the population--specifically, people whose names rhyme with Tisele Mundchen. If you want to rock a strapless top this summer, go for a structured bustier like Rihanna's. It's sexy and provides adequate support!

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