How To Look Instantly Younger

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As winter wages on, our skin is feeling tired and worn. Luckily, skin care expert Suki Kramer has a bevy of tricks to keep women everywhere looking young and healthy. From makeup tricks that leave your eyes wider and brighter, to skin cares fixes that shrink pores and erase decades, Suki is sharing her insider arsenal.

How To Look Instantly Sexy

Instant Eye Lift
Make eyes pop by lining them with a light shimmer. This little trick instantly lifts the appearance of sagging tissue, “wakes up” your whole face and gives you an all-over glow. The trick is that these colors make the whites of your eyes stand out, and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

White and champagne shades work best for blue eyes, while pink liners like Tarina Tarantino Dream Hyperliner in Broken Doll make green eyes pop. Girls with brown eyes have all the luck because every color looks great on them, but I suggest trying a silver or blue shimmer.

End The Day On A High Note
End your day with a super exfoliation treatment. Exfoliated skin absorbs nutrients and moisturizers more completely, which means it’s the key to perfecting your skin. I, of course, highly recommend Sukiface exfoliate foaming cleanser, and when you try it you’ll know why. But a close second might be Clinique 7-day scrub cream.

Gently massage either of these in circular motions all over your face and d├ęcolletage, being sure to last a full minute. Cleansing for 60 seconds is more important than you think because it really beefs up the immune system, the circulation, and the power and potency of the product you are using.

Get A Bangin’ New Look
Cutting your bangs is a great way to “youth it up,” and I do it whenever I’m feeling a bit peevish. Try on different styles in the Makeover Studio to find your best look, and snip your bangs with a professional brush, flat comb, and dry hair. Leave a little extra length so the pros can come in and clean up your work later!

Should you be using a BB Cream?

Ice, Ice Baby
I’ve heard that Paul Newman was known for regularly dousing his whole face in ice-cold water for about thirty seconds every day. This technique might seem a bit hard-core, but it does have a real purpose. Not only does cold water reduce inflammation and puffiness, it also tones skin and gives a serious jump-start to your facial circulation.

If you aren’t able to face a full immersion of ice water, at least splash your face with cold water for a few minutes or use a wash cloth and hold it on your face for as long as you can manage. Another alternative is storing moisturizers and toners in your refrigerator.

Dress For Your Skin Tone
Every girl knows that fashion can make your mood, but did you know that the perfect hue for your skin tone can imbue your complexion with a radiant glow and help you feel and look young and energetic? Of course, that means the wrong one can make your skin look sallow and worn, so it’s important to choose the right colors.

If you have blue or rosy undertones then you look best surrounded by intense, rich colors like black, navy, red and hot pink. Avoid earthy tones, which will make you look faded and ashen. If your skin has warm, golden undertones then very pale, soft colors such as peach, golden brown, and aqua look great on you. You will also look fabulous in ivory (nothing works like white on white), bright greens, true reds, clear blues and coral.

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Suki Kramer, president, founder and formulator of synthetic-free cosmeceutical skin care line Suki clinically-proven natural solutions, has dedicated her life to the research of how the body processes and reacts to all environmental variables, from food consumption to product absorption. Her passion for efficacious, natural products and ingredients has made her a leader in the healthy skin movement. As a guest editor for Daily Makeover, Suki will share her knowledge of natural ingredients as well provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions about what you consume, both inside and out.

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