Hairstylist Curses Out Client & Could Have to Pay $22,500

Amanda Elser

The alleged “celebrity hairstylist” Marina Vance has had charges filed against her from bridal client, Tifany McIntosh,who said that Vance called and left a string of profanities and racial slurs on her voicemail when she failed to show up for an appointment.

According to the New York Times articleMcIntoshtook a discrimination case to theNew York City Commission on Human Rights, where a judge suggested Vance pay $15,000 to the city and $7,500 to McIntosh over the comments.The commission has yet to make a final decision in the case.

A transcript of the voicemail left on McIntosh’s phone was copied in the Judge’s Report:

Hello Tifany, this is Marina Vance. We had an appointment todayat 11:30 why you didn’t show up, or why you didn’t call, alright? Ah, this is very common with the – – I’m sure you’re a f****** n*****, ah, who doesn’t care for anybody’s time, alright? I wish,you know what, please, that you don’t show up for yourappointment, ah, which is coming. Tifany with an “F,” a f****** n*****, next time, or or a f****** Dominican b****. Okay? Wherethe f*** is you that you thought you (inaudible) gonna kiss thef****** sweat off your a**. Good bye.

But apparently Vance is denying the whole thing. Shefiled a claim with the commission in January 2010, saying she does not have a salon in the city and denying the allegations of discrimination. “The voice mail is not my voice,” she said. When the New York Times asked why she did not attend the commission hearing in July, she said, “I was never notified about a court date.”

Vance’s website says she has worked with celebrities such as Ashely Judd and Sarah Jessica Parker, although Parker’s publicist said that was a false claim. Vance was also involved with the WE Network’sMy Fair Wedding.

Vance said “I never discriminate about no one.” Adding of McIntosh: “I’ve never seen this woman. She made three different appointments but never showed up.”

Do you think Vance should pay up for her hurtful words? How much do you think the fine should be?

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